Our Vision

Emily works with her clients to help them bring their vision of home or business to life. With a background in communication and education, she considers herself to be a facilitator in the design process. She works very linearly, efficiently, and intuitively to help people create what feels like home to them--not her.

Emily is extremely efficient. She does not waste clients' time, which also means she will not waste their money! Her process to manage a design job is very clear, which is responsible for her success. This process not only ensures a beautiful end result, it also ensures that the process goes smoothly from a budget perspective. With a principle value of sustainability, Emily recommends "green products" whenever possible. She is often looking for ways to keep elements that do work with updates and improvements. This not only helps the environment, but your budget as well.

As the founder of Color in Space, Inc., http://colorinspace.com/index.php, Emily has developed a methodology for creating impeccable color designs using a physics lens. Color theory is based in the science of light. This is a two-step process, where Emily is working as a facilitator. She guides clients in making decisions, ensuring that the relationships in the design support each other and work together. For many clients, the process Emily uses is a paradigm shift in how they think about and look at color. She employs this process for both interior and exterior consultations, and it is the foundation for her kitchen and bath designs as well. This ensures that all of the architectural finishes work together and communicate homeowners' visions beautifully.

Featured Projects